Bomberman Tower


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  1. Story
  2. Controls
  3. Overview
  4. Gameplay
  5. Techniques
  6. Stages
  7. Items

1. Story

Late one night, a cloud of fog descended upon the land. On the outskirts of Green Village, an ominous tower appeared, emitting a vast aura of darkness. Monsters poured out and began causing mischief across the countryside. When Bomberman and his friends arrived to investigate, a voice called out to them from the top of the tower:

"All Hallow's Eve is upon us, and yet again you've forgotten! The dead are restless... Unless one of you can make it to the top of this tower and stop me in time, I, Bompire, will raise them from their graves - and allow them to reclaim the land of the living! Ha ha ha ha!"

Many challenges lie ahead. Monsters, traps, and old rivals are ready to stop your ascent. Can Bomberman and his friends make it to the top?

2. Controls


Left/Right Arrow Keys: Run left and right.
Down Arrow Key: Use an exit door (end of level)
X Key: Place a bomb.
Z Key: Jump. Hold down the button to jump higher.
Shift Key: Detonate Remote Control Bombs.
Enter Key: Pause the game.


Arrow Keys: Navigate.
X/Enter Key: Select an option.
Z Key: Cancel.

NOTE: All controls may be customized in-game.

3. Overview

"Bomberman Tower" is a Bomberman-style rogue-lite platformer. There are 16 normal floors and 4 boss floors in the game (the current demo only includes 12 normal floors and 3 boss floors). Normal floors are procedurally generated, so you won't get the same level with the same traps, enemies, and goal every time you play. If you are defeated, that's it - game over! You only get one chance, so be careful. Try to make it to the top and beat the final boss to finish the game. Then, try playing again while going for a high score or record time in order to unlock extra playable characters!

4. Gameplay

"Bomberman Tower" is a platforming game. You start each floor at the bottom of the screen and must work your way up to the EXIT at the top, achieving the specific GOAL you're assigned along the way in order to open the exit. The goal will always be one of three things:

  1. Eliminate all enemies
  2. A special goal that varies between stages
  3. Defeat the boss


By pressing the jump button (default: Z), your character will spring into the air. The height of your JUMP is determined by how long you hold down the button. The maximum JUMP height is 3 tiles.


To progress, you must plant BOMBS. Using the bomb button (default: X), you can place a bomb on the floor or in the air. Bombs function as platforms and can help you get to higher levels, or they can block or trap enemies. Be careful, because they can block you, too. When they explode, the blast expands in a + shape. The number of tiles it expands out to is equal to your FIRE stat. At the beginning of the game, your BOMB stat starts at 1 (one bomb per screen), while your FIRE stat begins at 2.


Scattered around many stages are SOFT BLOCKS. These blocks can be destroyed by bombs. Some of them may reveal hidden items. Try blasting them open to gain power-ups, but beware of power-downs and the dreaded Skull panel. Bad items can be destroyed with a bomb blast, but be careful, because good items can likewise be burned away.


You only have one life, but you can have multiple hit points, or HP. You start the game with 4 HP, which means you can get hit four times before you are defeated. Once your HP reaches 0, the game is over, and you will have to restart from the beginning if you want to try again. You will gain 1 HP each time you defeat a stage boss.


There are four STAGES in the game, each containing five floors. You can unlock stages by defeating the boss of the previous stage. For example, upon besting the stage 1 boss, stage 2 will be available as a starting point on the menu screen. However, starting at a later stage will diminish your ability to reach a high score, and you will not be able to unlock new characters unless you start from the first stage. It may be useful, though, for practicing each stage, or for simply getting through the game on your first playthrough.


The TIMER starts off at 8 minutes for each normal floor. You can extend the timer by picking up Timer item panels that may be scattered throughout the stage in soft blocks. When you complete a floor, you will GAIN a bonus of 100 points for every 30 seconds remaining on the timer, rounded up. If you complete a floor after the timer has reached 0:00, you will LOSE 1000 points in the first stage, 1500 in the second, 2000 in the third, and 2500 in the fourth stage. If you want a higher score, complete each floor within the time limit!


Before beginning your ascent, you may choose a character to play. You start off with two available characters, but there are four more that you can unlock. The unlock conditions are as follows:

Remember, you can only unlock new characters if you start from the first stage!

5. Techniques


While jumping, place a bomb. The bomb will remain in the air. You can then use it as a platform to reach higher places!


Jump as high as you can. Before you reach the highest tile you can reach (3 tiles high), place a bomb (2 tiles high). You should land on top of the newly-placed bomb, allowing you to jump again. This technique doubles your vertical movement and should allow you to reach any place in any level!


Bomb climb to the left, then bomb climb to the right. You can move higher and higher up as long as you still have bombs to place. Because your bombs will be staggered instead of lined up with each other, they shouldn't detonate each other, giving you more time to climb! This is an advanced technique that isn't necessary to complete the game.


When an enemy approaches, place a bomb and stand still. The enemy won't be able to touch you! Don't stick around too long, though, or the bomb will detonate and hurt you. This technique can be particularly helpful against airborne enemies.


Place a bomb, then move to the left or right. Right before it explodes, jump as high as you can. You should remain airborne long enough to safely escape the explosion without having to retreat very far out of your bomb's blast range. This technique can be really effective if paired with the bomb shield technique. Be aware that it will become more difficult with bigger explosions, as they last longer.

6. Stages


Fetid water runs through these ancient ruins. Various low-level monsters crawl through, ready to surprise the unwary adventurer. This basic stage should help you prepare for what's to come.

Special Goal: Match all symbols to the exit! Blast each Symbol Switch to change its symbol.


Ballom 100 pts The most basic foe. It floats aimlessly and poses little threat. You can even bounce on top of its head!
Kurin 200 pts A tentacled beast. It's fairly intelligent and will turn away from bombs. It can also move through soft blocks, so watch out!


Stream: Your movement is slowed in this murky water, but enemies will be fine.
Gate: It obstructs your passage. Blast the top to open it.


Bomber Wolf 3000 pts While ordinarily a pleasant fellow, Bomber Wolf is a force to be reckoned with in combat. He'll try to pummel you with physical attacks and line bombs. He has a low defense, so go all out!


A forest inside a tower?! This strange, overgrown place is littered with mechanical and alchemical junk that may trip you up. Zombies also wander about, ready to put the hurt on you with their bombs. Don't be discouraged - just keep climbing!

Special Goal: Deactivate all electric fields!


Buroru 200 pts This odd fellow is rather finicky, sometimes turning around at whim.
Pass 200 pts A tiger-like monster that will charge at you if you get too close.


Flask: The vile concoction inside is volatile, and will produce several Skull panels if it is blasted. Beware!
Battery: A dangerously unstable mechanism. Each one controls an Electric Field. Blast it to disable the field.
Electric Field: Powered by a Battery. Don't touch it!


Monster Bomber 4000 pts Slow and quiet, but very strong. He'll send heavy objects hurtling your way, so be on your toes. He also uses mechanical attacks.


Sands shift beneath your feet as unholy horrors creep through the ancient architecture of a forgotten culture. The monsters here are much more dangerous. It's only going to get harder from here on up!

Special Goal: Destroy all gems!


Funya 300 pts A gelatinous enemy that loves to bounce. It becomes quite nervous around bombs, so watch out!
Doronpa 400 pts A mysterious ghost that floats through the air, passing through all obstacles. It also has the power of teleportation.


Quicksand: It carries you in one direction or another.
Antlion Pit: Step on it to be transported to another location.
Mighty Gem: As long as even one of these things is around, all the Cursed Eyes will be invincible. Destroy all gems to lift the curse and open the exit.


Bomber Mummy 5000 pts Lurking in the shadows of crypts and temples, Bomber Mummy lies in wait for only the most worthy adversaries. He'll use a variety of curses and spells to trip you up.



The final five floors of the tower await. The enemies here are very tough. Only with skill or incredible luck will you be able to reach the top and confront Bompire himself.

Special Goal: Find all the keys!


Shadow 300 pts A basic enemy that floats around in circles. It can teleport, too. It has a great advantage in darkness, so be on the lookout.
Gargoyle 400 pts It flies through the air, seeking you out. It likes to hover above its prey and attack by thrusting its spear downward.


Oil Drum: Some floors are not well-lit. Find an Oil Drum and blast it to light up the area for a short amount of time. Be careful, though - the flames the drum emits are dangerous!
Lava: Seriously, it's lava. Just don't touch it.


Bompire 6000 pts With powerful attacks and a strong defense, Bompire is the toughest enemy you'll face in the tower. He employs a lot of chaotic magic and will even try to debuff you with his power-sapping ability. It will be a long and tedious struggle, but you can do it!

7. Items

Items may be found in some Soft Blocks. Some items stay with you for the rest of the game, while others only last for the current floor. Collect as much as possible to power up and prepare for the challenges ahead!


Fire Up: Increases your FIRE range by 1 unit.
Bomb Up: Increases the number of BOMBS you can place at once by 1.
Speed Up: Increases your speed.
Full Fire: Sets your FIRE range to the maximum, 4 units.
Heart: Increases your HP by 1.
Invincibility Suit: Makes you invincible for a short amount of time.
Timer: Increases the TIMER by 15 seconds.
Coin: Increases your SCORE by 100 pts.


Fire Down: Decreases your FIRE range by 1 unit.
Bomb Down: Decreases the number of BOMBS you can place at once by 1.
Geta: Decreases your speed.
Skull: Gives you one of six random effects for a period of time:
  • Confused: Left/right controls are reversed.
  • Slippery: Less friction.
  • Minimum: FIRE is set to 1.
  • Speed: You move really quickly.
  • Low Gravity: You jump higher and fall more slowly.
  • Long Fuse: Your bombs take longer to explode.


(These items only last for 1 floor.)
Piercing Bomb: Your bomb blasts will pierce through multiple Soft Blocks and items.
Remote Control: Your bombs can be detonated one at a time, and will not explode unless manually triggered.
Key: Only appears in Stage 4. They are scattered throughout Soft Blocks in the map. Collecting them all will open the exit.

If you're lucky, you may even encounter some super-secret bonus items!

Bomberman Tower was designed and developed by Plasma Captain.
Bomberman belongs to Konami. This is a non-commercial fan work.